HG Bishop Youssef restructured the Program and many New Courses have been added.

Summer 2021 Application deadline is May 21, 2021

Due to the Pandemic, all classes will be Online for this coming Semester (May 28-30)

The Christian family is the basis upon which the holy Church of God grows, extends, and is edified. Since the beginning of creation, the family has been the model and ideal of God’s purpose. The purpose of creating a family is to form a spiritual unity and a partnership of love, friendship, and self-giving displayed by all its members. This family would thus be a simple reflection of the unity among the three Trinities. Christ in the family is the origin, the basis, the goal, and its glory. It is the sole mission of the Family Ministry Program to preserve, protect, and heal the Christian family by training men and women from congregations all over the United States to aid clergy in shepherding the flock.