Our Mission 

The Family Ministry Program is a distance learning program that will facilitate servants’ understanding of a triadic healing encounter with the living Christ, facilitated by a helper who assists this redemptive, healing process, helping another get unstuck and moving forward on the path to spiritual maturity and psycho-social emotional health.

Program Objectives

To help students integrate their academic studies into care-giving helping practices and skills so that they may become capable of only time-limited Christian lay helping.
  1. Students should understand & be familiar with all sets of emotions and feelings.

  2. Students should be able of detecting & differentiating various emotions and feelings, and discerning them from facts and behaviors.

  3. Students should develop and nurture their skills in interpreting and analyzing feelings and behaviors to reach objective conclusions.

  4. Students should know how to appropriately respond to and manage different emotional expressions with appropriate communications skills.

  5. Students should be familiar with special emotional or behavioral situations, and learn appropriate techniques, like crisis management and de-escalation

Meet Our Administration

Dean of the FMP

HE Metropolitan Youssef, MD, PhD

Metropolitan Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States 

Leader/Overseer of the FMP

Fr. Suriel Costandi

Committee Members

Angel Bishara

Sally Helmy

Nahed Georgy

Yvette Iskandar

Academic Affairs Committee (AAC):

The AAC is in charge of the curriculum management, policies and procedures, and planning of FMP operation. The AAC works with instructors on establishing course materials, teaching schedule, exam delivery and grading.

AAC Team Contact Information:
POC: Sally Helmy 
Phone: (561) 212-8638
Email: fmp.academicaffairs@suscopts.org


Student Affairs Committee (SAC):

The SAC is in charge of the registration procedures, applications and admission criteria and graduation requirements. The SAC works with students making sure they fulfill their degree requirements in achieving goal and course requirements, including the interview examination schedule and communicating these info with the students. SAC prepares students for the new semester, their accommodations, registration fee and any onsite teaching requirements.

AAC Team Contact Information:
POC: Nahed Georgy
Phone: (407) 951-2023
Email: fmp.studentaffairs@suscopts.org