Faculty staff were recommended by His Grace. Each one of our faculty members have several decades of experience in Psychiatry and Counseling. The diversity in backgrounds from child psychiatrists to chemical dependency counselors ensures a breadth of knowledge that enriches the academic backbone of this program. All of our faculty have spent much of their lives in service to the Church and are therefore very familiar with exactly what issues today’s Coptic American communities face today. This allows them to infuse a deep sense of practicality in every course and maintain a vibrant learning environment.

Fr. Suriel Costandi

Abraham Ghattas, MD

Adel H Andraws, MA, LMHCA

Adly Youssef

Amani Henry, M.D., M.A.

Christine E. Agaibi, M.A

Fr. Maximos Rizkalla

Hani Ashamalla, M.D, FCCP

Ihab Istafanous, M.D.

Karen Naguib, MSEd, LPC

Marguerite Rizk, M.A.

Mary Michail, MA.

Mona Hanna, M.D.

Nabil Guirguis, MD

Naglaa Moussa, M.A.

Sahar Awad, M.D.

Sarwat M. Gad, M.D.

Sophie Azmy Psy.D. HSPP, M.B.A.

Wafaie Selim, MD, MA, LSW, BCPCC