Counseling 12: Challenges Facing Christian Marriage

Christian and secular experts agree that marriages are failing at a 50% or higher rate in the United States of America. This course provides the servant with the requisite skills and knowledge to assist couples through crises and to develop healthy, vibrant marriages.

  1. Required Resource Purchases

The First Five Years of Marriage: Launching a Lifelong, Successful Relationship (2006).         By: Wilford Wooten, Phillip Swihart. ISBN: 9781589970410.

The Quick-Reference Guide to Marriage & Family Counseling (2009). by Dr. Tim Clinton AND Dr. John Trent. ISBN: 978-0801072246.

 Measurable Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the servant will be able to:

  1. Identify the scriptural foundation for God’s plan for marriage and determining the implications of problems in marriage.
  2. Understand some of the challenges facing Christian marriage within the Coptic
  3. Accuretly assess the person’s problems providing helpful and constructive suggestions.
  4. Identifying effective resolutions in the process of moving away from the problems or the challenges facing the family.

 LECTURE 1: Disruption of family life by a major/traumatic event(s)

such as: Mildlife Crisis, Empty Nest Syndrome, Widowhood, Seperation, and Divorce.

LECTURE 2: Disruption of family life by a  dramatic cultural shift

due to: second marriage, transcultrual marriage, and immigration inflicts on Marriage.

LECTURE 3: Disruption of family life by intimacy inhibitors

due to: Infertility and Sexual Dysfunctions.

 LECTURE 4: Disruption of family life by the interjection of outsiders

such as: Challenges With In-Laws, Couples With A Child Special Need Child

  1. Course Requirements and Assignments

The servant will be provided with a few scenarios/vignettes where they will be responsible for identifying the specific challenge(s) that the couple is facing. After doing so, they will need to provide effective resolutions for the couple to pursue in order to overcome the challenge(s) they faced. Each analysis should be at least one page long with detailed analysis including practical steps to gain victory ove the challenge(s) that bind the family. More details will be provided along with the vignettes in a rubric to guide the servant towards successful completion of the task.