Counseling 21: Practicum II

Instructor: Sallie Boulos-Sophy, Ph.D., HSPP


Practicum II is designed to develop students’ counseling skills beyond the level required in Practicum I. The primary emphasis is on performing counseling and related activities as a lay helper. Students will learn and practice a variety of counseling strategies in this course and will be asked to engage in experiential learning through role-play, practicing intervention strategies, and discussing case vignettes.

The requirement for Practicum II: successful completion of practicum I.

COURSE OBJECTIVES include, but are not limited to the following.

Students will demonstrate understanding and appropriate application of:

  1. Essential interviewing and counseling skills so that the student is able to develop, maintain, and successfully terminate a therapeutic relationship.
  2. Develop an identity as counseling lay helper within a multicultural competence framework.
  3. Integrate spiritual/religious themes in the counseling work while maintaining appropriate ethical boundaries.
  4. Increase self-awareness to improve therapeutic interventions and ethical considerations.
  5. Gain knowledge in legal and ethical concerns as a non-licensed lay helper.


“Resistant Clients: We’ve All Had Them; Here’s How to Help”:

The Use of Self in Therapy:


After successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Display the necessary techniques for accurate and competent record-keeping
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of practical approaches to specific counseling problems usually encountered by the novice counselor
  3. Exhibit the ability to case conceptualize
  4. Show the ability to provide empathy, reflective listening skills, and basic counseling skills while maintaining ethical boundaries.
  5. Evaluate the personal philosophical and theoretical basis for counseling
  6. Participate in frequent self-evaluation in order to be constantly aware of areas in which improvement is necessary (e.g. skills, professionalism, multicultural competence, advocacy, counselor wellness)
  7. Be aware of the need to maintain confidentiality and to protect the rights of clients at all times
  8. Understand the need to develop cultural self-awareness and cultural competence


 Four Lectures (20% of Final Grade: each class is worth 5%)

Active participation in the 4 lectures (each 1.5 hours). Students are expected to engage in discussion about case vignettes, therapeutic interventions, ethical dilemmas in the counseling relationship, and actively participate in role-playing. Maintain respect towards peers and the instructor. Students will participate in the practice of counseling skills and case conceptualization in a safe, confidential, culturally competent environment. *Please notify the Professor of any scheduled absence, leaving FMP early

Two Webinars (20% of Final Grade: each webinar is worth 10%)

We will meet as a class twice over the semester to do case discussion. We will review two cases and discuss treatment planning, Questions you may have regarding information gathering, ethical issues, and considerations regarding suitability. Students will submit to me a case they wish to discuss by phone or by email of someone that they are serving or someone who has been referred to them. We will change all identifiable information to protect the identity of the individual. The instructor will facilitate, but this will be student-led. There are no wrong answers or incorrect suggestions, we will brainstorm together and find ways to support one another.

*Dates of Webinars TBD based on student availability and dates available through diocese online meeting space

Goal Paper  (15% of Final Grade)

Please complete this paper stating your goals for your FMP Practicum II experience.

Think about your strengths as well as areas you plan to grow in this semester (i.e., using reflection of feelings, dealing with termination, etc.).

Make sure your goals are clear and concise and specific so you can evaluate them at the end of the semester with the instructor.


  • Create and complete 3 goals that you hope to accomplish by the end of this semester of Practicum II. You may have 2 goals for Prac II and 1 goal for FMP or all for Practicum II- it’s up to you.
  • Please answer each question in the Goal Paper Template provided for you.

 Upload the final paper to Google Classroom Assignments section by the deadline below.

Case Conceptualization Assignments (each assignment is 10%: 20% of Final Grade)

Two different case vignettes will be provided with questions to help you conceptualize the case, focus on a possible diagnosis, multicultural concerns, ethical concerns, specific interventions you might use, and treatment planning including referring out.

*A Google Document template will be provided for you to answer the questions under each case vignette

Directions for completing the Case Conceptualizations:

  1. Read the article that relates to the case vignette
  2. Read the case vignette
  3. Answer the questions based on your own knowledge and what you have learned from the article.

Case Conceptualizations Readings:

  1. Case Vignette 1 “Martha”: In Google Docs with Template attached

Dealing with Resistant clients (link will also be posted on Google Classroom):

  1. Case Vignette 2: “Tony” In Google Docs with Template attached

The Use of Self in Therapy(link will also be posted on Google Classroom):

Resources Assignment (10% of Final Grade).

During this class, you will begin to accumulate material to assist you in your work as a pastoral lay helper.

Your resource document must contain:

  • 3 Therapist referrals
  • 1-2 Psychiatrist referrals
  • 1 Substance use referral
  • 1 Domestic violence referral
  • 1 Psychiatric crisis referral/Psychiatric Hospital
  • 4 Books and/or articles related to therapeutic interventions, or common counseling issues. *Books used must be outside of what is on your reading list for FMP.

“My Professional Self” Reflection Paper (15% of Final Grade).

Requirements: Utilize the 4 goals you set at the beginning of the semester and reflect on what you have and haven’t accomplished. Be specific about your reflection and how you may continue to try and meet these goals as you grow in your skills, education, and experiences.

Please use the template provided for you in Google Classroom to complete this assignment.

Upload the final paper to Google Classroom by the deadline below.

Attendance and Participation

Learning in this course is based on interaction and participation.

Students are expected to attend all class meetings, arrive on time, and remain for the entire class meeting. Students are also expected to be appropriately prepared for classes and to take an active role in discussions and activities. (Grading for this is integrated into the other activities)

*Assignments are expected on their due date. Any Late work will incur a 2 point penalty of the final grade per day it is overdue. Max penalty is 20 points for late work.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the student to check your  Google Classroom To-Do List, making note of due dates, and contacting the professor if you are unable to meet these deadlines for a specific reason. It is also the student’s responsibility to ask any questions, seek clarification regarding assignments prior to their due date.

It is the student’s responsibility to proof-read their work and assignments prior to submitting them for a grade.

Grading Rubric For Papers:

All written work must be typed with the following standards:

  • One-inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides
  • Double-spaced
  • Indent first line of paragraphs by half an inch
  • Include page numbers
  • Written material must reflect at least a near master’s Level use of the English Language in terms of spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.
  • A thorough written explanation of assignments based on the detailed directions given in the syllabus and on the template provided for each assignment.
  • Failure to complete assignments with these criteria will incur point deductions.


WEEK 1 01/17/2021    
WEEK 2 01/24/2021    
WEEK 3 01/31/2021 Goal Paper   


WEEK 4 02/07/2021    


WEEK 5 02/14/2021    


WEEK 6 02/21/2021 Case vignette 1  


WEEK 7 02/28/2021 Webinar 1 Date and Time TBD


WEEK 8 03/07/2021    


WEEK 9 03/14/2021 Case Vignette 2  



WEEK 10 03/21/2021    
WEEK 11 03/28/2021    
WEEK 12 04/04/2021 Resource Assignment  
WEEK 13 04/11/2021    
WEEK 14 04/18/2021 Webinar 2: tentative Date of Webinar and time TBD
WEEK 15 04/25/2021 Holy Week: enjoy!  
WEEK 16 05/02/2021 Reflection Paper DUE 05/09/2021