Application Process

Registration will be open from  04/21/2021 until 5/21/2021 at 11:59 PM EST.  Registration will close after 5/21/2021.

Due to the Pandemic we are going through, for the January Conference (January 15 to 17), the lectures will be on line & the Registration fee is reduced to $ 200.

The Family Ministry Program (FMP) is a two-year distance-learning-program in which students have 22 courses. Each year consists of three semesters. Each semester is made of onsite session held at St. Stephen Retreat Center, in Titusville, Florida followed by 12 weeks of distance learning. Onsite session is for a long week end (Friday to Sunday). Meetings start on Friday at 7:30 AM and ends on Sunday at 7:00 PM. The three semesters are held as follows:

Spring semester: Usually on Martin Luther King Weekend (unless it conflicts with the Epiphany Feast, then it will be the weekend after the Epiphany)

Summer semester: Memorial week end, and

Fall semester: Labor Day weekend.

Application Due Dates:

Spring Semester: January 5
Summer Semester: May 3
Fall Semester: August 14

Application Requirements:

College Degree.

History of church service.

No criminal history.

No active or recent psychological problems.

Time commitment, availability, and dedication.

Familiarity with use of computer (email etc.) since most of the course work will be done long distance.

Legal resident of USA or Canada.

Attendance of onsite meetings at St. Stephen Retreat Center, in Titusville, Florida.

Application Process for New Students:

New students who would like to join the FMP are required to follow these steps:

Submit the new student application form using the link Here.

Submit the 3 recommendation letters, one letter from the father of confession and two letters from another priest, professor, friend, acquaintance etc. All recommendation letters should be e-mailed to the FMP Student Affairs Committee (SAC) at

Recommendation form by the father of confession can be filled out online on the link here. Other than the father of confession can fill out the recommendation letter online on the link Here.

Recommendation letters sent by the applicant will not be accepted, they have to come directly from the persons who are writing the recommendation letters.

Send a $50 check for the application fee to the FMP – SAC. This check will be refundable onsite when the student registers for the semester. The address for the FMP – SAC is P.O. Box 561222, Rockledge, FL 32956-1222.

The above submittals will then be reviewed for completeness by the FMP – SAC.

When the above steps have been fulfilled, the FMP – SAC will schedule a formal phone interview for the student with one of the FMP counselors. The student will be notified of the time of the phone interview.

Once the interview is successfully completed, a “Welcome Letter” will be e-mailed to the student allowing her/him to register for the following semester and pay the semester fees on line when registration is open. The “Welcome Letter” will provide instructions on how to join the FMP group email for miscellaneous communications … etc.

Modest attire is required at all times. Please bring appropriate clothes for meetings & Church
No shorts or sleeveless tops (for males or females) are allowed during the meetings or liturgies.

Registration Process for New Students and Current Students:

To register for current semester, please click HERE

Due to the Pandemic we are going through, for the May Conference (May 28 to 30), the lectures will be on line & the Registration fee is reduced to $ 150.

Registration fee is $ 360 per semester. This includes tuition, room and board based on double occupancy. Additional fees as late registration and cancellation fees may apply.

The student may book the airline ticket and arrange for his/her transportation from and to the Orlando International Airport (MCO), if needed.

If you have any question, please send it directly to

Attendance Requirements:

Every student is required to attend the entire on-site meeting.

With instructor’s approval, a student can miss onsite attendance of a maximum of one course (4 lectures) for the duration of the entire 2-year program. The student will be required to complete the distance assignment of the course. Missing more than one course needs approval of the FMP committee.

If student cannot attend the entire on-site meeting, the student should:
+ Get instructor’s approval
+ Attend part of the weekend to ensure that no more than 4 lectures are missed for the duration of the entire 2-year program.

It is up to the instructor to determine if a student has to retake a course

General Information:

The student will need to review the syllabi of the courses to be taught during the registered semester and purchase the recommended text books.

Students are responsible for their own transportation.

If you are traveling by airplane, the nearest airport is Orlando International Airport (MCO) which is about 45 minutes away from St. Stephen Retreat Center.

The address for St. Stephen Coptic Church and Retreat Center is: 4951 S. Washington Ave., Titusville, Florida 32780

Students are encouraged to inform the FMP – SAC if they have any diet restriction. Otherwise, all attendees of the FMP will eat whatever is offered by the St. Stephen Retreat Center.


Tuition Fee: $125 per course plus charge for accommodation & meals & this can be explained by contacting Students Affairs Personnel.

Accommodation provided is based on double occupancy. Private rooms are available for extra cost depending on availability.

The same fees apply to those students auditing the On-Site sessions.

Special Room Request (Including tuition, room and board):

Water front Double occupancy (Must have a roommate): $400

Private Room on the Parking lot: $410

Private Room on the Pool front: $450

Private room on the waterfront: $495

Late Registration Fee:

A $25 fee will be charged for registration after the assigned due date

Depends on space availability.

Cancellation fee:

Any cancellation prior to 2 weeks before the On-Site Semester will incur a charge of $ 50.

No refund within 2 weeks of the On-Site Semester.


Please contact Student Affairs and do NOT contact your credit card.

Graduation Certificate:

Graduates of the FMP will take one of the following three certificates:

1. Level 1: Graduates with outstanding performance – Students who get A for all the required courses.
2. Level 2: Graduates of FMP – Students who get grades B or higher.
3. Level 3: Attendants – Students who get less than B or just attend the onsite classes (auditing only).