Counseling 08: Human Sexuality

Instructor: Mrs. Marguerite Rizk, M.A., Margo Rizk, M.A., Diploma, B.S., AACC.
Individual; Marriage and Family Therapy

E-mail: Phone: 412-793-1868
Course Description:
An analysis of the anatomical, psychological, cultural, and religious aspects of a wide range of topics in the area of human sexuality. Emphasis is on the development of an understanding and appreciation of the role of sexuality throughout the various phases of the life cycle.
Course Objectives:
  1. Increase awareness and understanding of one’s own sexual knowledge, feelings, and attitudes.
  2. Increase knowledge and understanding of the nature, development, and function of human sexuality.
  3. Increase knowledge and understanding of the range of sexual attitudes and practices of both present and past societies.
  4. Increase knowledge, understanding, and sensitivity to the responsibilities and ethics of adult sexuality.
  5. Promote a deep and truly Christian thinking regarding sexuality.
  6. To develop a foundation of knowledge and skill in, discussing, sexual issues.
Required Text:
  1. Human Sexuality Today, fifth edition.King Bruce. Published by Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0-13-189164-2
  2. The Act of Marriage the beauty of sexual love. Tim & Beverly La Haye. Zondervan., ISBN: 0-310-21177-8
  3. The Act of Marriage After 40. Tim LaHaye and Beverly LaHaye. ISBN: 0-310-23114-0
    Chose Book #2 OR Book #3 above.
On-Site Lesson Schedule:
Readings Prior to Arrival: The first three chapters in Human Sexuality Today. King Bruce
 The Instructor will give an overview of the course and will emphasize the important points.
Grading Scale:
Test Schedule
Percentage of course grade
A+ = 96-100
B=  80-89
Book review
Final exam Lessons 1-12
Research paper
Course Requirements:
  1. Attending the course’s lectures on site.
  2. Having daily access to the Internet and basic typing skills.
  3. There will be a comprehensive final exam which will be following all the rest of the work that has been completed and turned in.
Distance Learning Lesson Schedule
Text Book Assignment
Test Schedule
Week 1
Chapter 1; Why a course in human sexuality?
Ref #1
Week 2
Chapter 2; Our sexual and reproductive anatomy
Ref #1
Week 3
Chapter 3; Hormones and sexuality
Ref #1
Week 4
Chapter 4; Similarities and differences in our sexual responses
Ref #1
Week 5
Chapter 5; Sexually transmitted and sexually related diseases
 Ref #1
Week 6
Chapter 10; Becoming a woman / becoming a man gender identity and gender role
Ref #1
Book Review
Week 7
Chapter 12; Life span sexual development
Ref #1
Week 8
Chapter 13; Adult sexual behaviors and attitudes
Ref #1
Week 9
Chapter 14; Love and relationships
Ref #1
Week 10
Chapter 15; Sexual problems and therapy
Ref #1
Week 11
Chapter 17; Sexual victimization, rape harassment, and abuse of children
Ref #1
Week 12
Why God created sex
Ref #2
Final Exam
Book Review: 
The Act of Marriage the beauty of sexual love. Tim & Beverly La Haye.
  1. Write three pages personal reflection on the book.
Research paper: 
The paper is to be divided into two parts:
  1. Summary of research about 75% (you demonstrate a knowledge and comprehension of your subject)
  2. Personal analysis about 25% (evaluate the validity of research, drawing conclusions based on your research)
Write a research paper and cover a topic related to human sexuality that particularly interests you.
Your paper should be a minimum of five pages and five references (other than the text book).
  1. First page is the title page (title, your name, instructor’s name, course name) Page 1
  2. Abstract (summary). Page 2
  3. Your paper. Page 3, 4, 5
  4. Summary or conclusion. Page 6
  5. Last page is the reference. Page 7