Counseling 07: Addiction


Adel H Andraws, MA, LMHCA 

Course Description:This course provides an overview of the problem of addiction and how servants in the church can support individuals who suffer from this problem as well as their families.

Required Text:

Fisher, G.L. & Harrison, T.C. (2009) Substance Abuse: Information for School Counselors, Social Workers, Therapists, and Counselors (4th Edition). Pearson
ISBN-13: 978-0-205-59176-3

Recommended Text:

Webber, Archimandrite Melletios (2003) “Steps of Transformation, an Orthodox Priest Explores the Twelve Steps”. Ancient Faith.
ISBN 978-1-888212-63-1

Course Objective:

  • Understanding the addiction disease, symptoms and different types.
  • Recognizing the symptoms of addiction in adults and adolescents. Identifying at risk situations.
  • Impact on different members of the family.
  • Methods of treatment and rehabilitation, with a focus on spirituality.
  • Educating families and children about addiction.
  • Supporting families with addict child or adult, and how important it is to respect the privacy of these families.
  • Resources for treatment and rehabilitation in your area.

Course Schedule

Week 1 Role of the Servants in Prevention and Treatment

Classification of Drugs

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Week 2 Gambling and Other Addictions Chapter14
Week 3 Models of Addictions

Culturally and Ethnically Diverse Groups

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Week 4 Assessment and Diagnosis


Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Week 5 Treatment Chapter 8
Week 6 Relapse Prevention and Recovery Chapter 9
Exam 1
Week 7 Twelve Steps and Other Types of Support Groups Chapter 10
Week 8 Children and Families Chapter 11
Week 9 Adult Children and Co-Dependency Chapter 12
Week 10 HIV/AIDS

“Resources Research” is due

Chapter 13
Week 11 Prevention Chapter 15
Week 12 Confidentiality and Ethical Issues

Discussion of the “Resources Research” results

“Prevention Measures” research is due

Chapter 5
Exam 2

We will have two required researches.

Resources research: This assignment is to familiarize you with the resources exist in your area for addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

Prevention Measures research:  The purpose is to understand the role of the servant in addiction prevention and intervention.


Exams                    60% (30% each)

Research      40% (20% each)