Counseling 11: Marriage & Family Counseling

Instructor: Mervet Nashed Messiha, MD. Board Certified Masters Christian Life Coaching Board Certified Advanced Diploma Christian Family and Marriage Counseling Board Certified Mental Health Coach Ophthalmologist Course Objectives:

  • Equipping lay counselors as the first defense line confronting family members in trouble to well address and handle their troubles with safety and wisdom.
  • Learning about when and to whom should they need to make professional references.
  • Dysfunctional relationships is the most common presentation in counseling clinics. Learning about dealing with different situations and their relationship with false core beliefs and fears in the family members.
  • How to help parents bring up boys and girls. Addressing some of the challenges parents face nowadays.

Required Text:

The Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

Course Requirements:

  • 3 Quizzes and a final Assignment.
    First Quiz Midterm Quiz Final Quiz Final Assignment