Counseling 603: Chemical Dependency III

On Site Instructor & Contact Information:



PHONE NUMBER: 614-327-8289


Course Prerequisites: Students who wish to join this course can only be qualified after successful completion of Courses 601 & 602.

Course Objectives: Counseling 603 should help Students comprehend the Basics and Options of Treatment of Substance Abuse and Dependence. Course 603 should deal with the psycho-spiritual, psychosocial and pharmacological aspects of treatment, as well as the relevant methodological outlines that are followed in this regard.

Course Description:

The Course provides actual onsite didactic function in terms of education through Six Introductory Clock Hours of face to face, on-site teaching by the Instructor. Thereafter, teaching has to be completed electronically and/or telephonically as Students begin studying the Assigned Books besides the Reading Articles provided by the Instructor. Passing the course requires a grade of at least 60 out of 100% according to what is detailed below.

A list of other Recommended Books and/or A/V Material shall be available to Students to help them deepen their knowledge about treatment of chemical addiction.

Course Requirements and Grading:

  1. During the must-attend face to face 6 clock hours’ class in the beginning of the course, Students shall be introduced to the Basics and Options of Treatment,      as stated above. They should be familiarized with approaches that target addicted individuals and populations, like Intervention, Screening and Referral.
  2. Students shall meet their biweekly reading assignments through the entire Course by studying the assigned chapters or articles while preparing their list of questions. Questions shall be discussed and answered during the biweekly teleconference with the Instructor.
  3. Regular attendance of these scheduled teleconferences contributes to 50 out of 100% of the final grade. The course should have 7-8 biweekly teleconferences.
  4. A Final Test counts for the other 50% of the final grade.

The multiple-choice-questions (MCQ) Final Test shall immediately follow the last teleconference. All Students should be available to take the Final Test at the same time to insure fairness and confidentiality.

Assigned Books:

  • Drugs in Perspective (Edition 7) By: Richard Fields, Ph.D. (ISBN 978-0073380759)
  • Steps of Transformation: An Orthodox Priest Explores the Twelve Steps By: Father Meletios Webber (amazon)

Recommended Reference Book:

  1. Double Duty:  Help for the Adult Child By: Claudia Black, Ph.D., M.S.W. (ISBN 978-0345361523)
  2. Breaking the Chains of Addiction By: Victor Mihailoff (amazon)