Counseling 701: Hidden Addiction


Mrs. Margo Rizk, M.A., Diploma, Christian Counselor

E-mail:, Phone: 412-793-1868

Fr. Makary Ibrahim,M.D.

Course Description:

This course will provide a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding addictions, in order to develop strategies for coping and empowerment.

Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of the course, students will:

  • Examine in depth the addictive cycle
  • Addiction to Adrenaline
  • Obsessions and compulsions
  • Video games and cyber addiction

Required Text:

    1. Healing Life’s Hidden Addictions; Archibald Hart, Ph.D,. Servant Publications, Ann Arbor, Michigan, ISBN: 0-89283-787-X.
    2. Restoring Sexual Identity, hope for women who struggle with same-sex attraction: Anne Paulk. Harvest housepublishers.

ISBN: 978-0-7369-1179-5

On-Site Lesson Schedule:

Readings Prior to Arrival: The first three chapters in Healing Life’s Hidden Addictions The Instructor will give an overview of the course and will emphasize the important points.

Grading Scale: Test Schedule Percentage of course grade
A+ = 96-100A- = 90-95B = 80-89Below 80 will get certificate of attendance Test 1: Reflection paperTest 2: Research paper 40%60%

Course Requirements:

1. Attending the course’s lectures in the announced conference.

2. Having daily access to the Internet and basic typing skills.

3. The research paper will be due at the end of the semester.

Distance Learning Lesson Schedule

Week Lesson Text Book (Ref # 1) Assignment Test Schedule
Week 1 What are hiding addictions Page 1
Week 2 Addiction and craving Page 23
Week 3 Is there an addictive personality? Page 37
Week 4 The addictive cycle Page 55
Week 5 Obsessions and compulsions Page 73
Week 6 Lifestyle addictions Page 95
Reflection Paper
Week 7 Codependency: Addiction to helping Page 111
Week 8 Addictions to sex and love Page 145
Week 9 Addiction to adrenaline: hurry sickness Page 171
Week 10 Addiction to food Page 191
Week 11 Overcoming your hidden addiction Page 213
Week 12 A theology for self-control Page 237
Research paper

Reflection Paper

  1. Write four pages personal reflection on “Restoring Sexual Identity: hopefor women who struggle with same-sex attraction by Anne Paulk.

Research paper

The paper is to be divided into two parts:

  1. Summary of research about 75% (you demonstrate a knowledge and comprehension of your subject)
  2. Personal analysis about 25% (evaluate the validity of research, drawing conclusions based on your research)

Write a research paper and cover a topic related to any of the hidden addiction that particularly interests you.


Your paper should be a minimum of five pages and five references (other than the text book).

1. First page is the title page (title, your name, instructor’s name, course name) Page 1

2. Abstract (summary). Page 2

3. Your paper. Page 3, 4, 5

4. Summary or conclusion. Page 6

5. Last page is the reference. Page7.