Scheduled Courses

2nd year 2021 SPRING    On-Site: 1/15-1/17
Crisis Intervention Sahar Awad, MD
Self-Development Sarwat Gad, MD
Marriage & Family Counseling Mervat Messiha, MD
Gerontology Fr Makary
Practicum II Sallie Boulos Sophy, Ph.D, HSPP
SUMMER  On-Site: 5/28-5/30
Homosexuality Fr Boutros Samy
Newborn to Elementary Nabil Guirguis, MD
Introduction to Practicum Karen Naguib, MSEd, LPC
Practicum III Sofie Azmy, PsyD
FALL         On-Site: 9/3-9/5
Family Systems Theories & Therapies Amani Henry, MD, LMHC, NCC
Counseling Theories & Psychotherapies Sister Youanna, MD
Adolescents & College Christine E. Agaibi, M.A.
Ethics & Legal Issues Karen Naguib, MSEd, LPC
Practicum I Mary Michail, MA
1st Year 2022 SPRING    On-Site: 1/14-1/16
Infidelity Prevention/Purity in Marriage Karen Naguib, MSEd, LPC
Abnormal Psychology (DSM-V) Ihab Istafanous, MD
Preparing for Marriage Hani Ashamalla, MD
Gerontology Mona Hanna, MD
Practicum II Wafaie Selim, MD, MA, LSW, BCPCC
SUMMER   On-Site: 5/27-5/29
Domestic Violence & Anger Management Maggie Bishay, Psy.D.
Parenting Coaching Adly Youssef
Introduction to Practicum Fr Makary
Practicum III Sofie Azmy, PsyD
FALL           On-Site: 9/2-9/4
Addiction Adel Andraws, MA
Challenges Facing Christian Marriage Naglaa Moussa, MA
Human Sexuality Marguerite Rizk, MA
Ethics & Legal Issues Fr Makary
Practicum I Mary Michail, MA